What Should You Feed Your Dog

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What Should You Feed Your Dog

Owning a dog is a big challenge and a big responsibility. You have to care your dog very well. All the needs should be satisfied and all should be adjusted. You do not want your dog to get some think more than needed or less than needed. You should choose the needs according to the breed of your dog. You ought to know what you do not know or what you are suspected of the truth of your information. Everything is needed to be special to your dog in order to have a well and happy dog.

To talk more specific, the most important of all needs is the need of nutrition. You should know what to feed your dog very well. Dogs are not like humans and thus, their system is different from the system of the humans’. Any wrong choise may make your dog seriously sick. If you do not want to harm your dog by giving him or her the wrong food, know which foods are best for your dog or which are the ones which should be avoided.

Meat and plant nutrients can be an

Fifteen thousand years ago, dogs were the animals that eat only the kinds of meat. They did not eat any kind of vegetables or something different from meat. After fifteen thousand years, our friends are now able to eat and digest both plant and meat nutrients. They evolved over time and became omnivores. They did not stay the same as wolves, which are known to have a close relationship to the dogs. They still eat just meat, just like what they did fifteen thousand years ago. Dogs still eat meat foods and they generally choose to eat meat. However, they are able to digest the foods which include plant nutrients without any problem. Plant nutrients are now have a part in their ideal diet. Meat and plant nutrients can be an excellent combination of ideal foods for your dog.

I am going to give some information on feeding your dog and what your dog really needs, what is good or what is bad for your dog. The information that I am going to give you is generally based on the dogs’ system. However, every dog breed is different and you should take some specific information from the professionals. Your pet may have some problems and may need a diet that is prepared for just him or her.

Your dog will generally eat dog food. Make sure this dog food is high quality and trusted. It will give your dog the most of the nutrients for a life time long. So make sure it is the best for your dog. Apart from the high quality dog foods, I recommend you to add some natural foods which include natural and fresh foods. You can give your dog some clean raw meat, some bones which has meat on it and different kinds of vegetables. You can also prepare your dog some homemade dog foods. You can check my other article which is about the best homemade dog foods that you can easily prepare at your home. These meals are awesome and will give your dog everything he or she needs. Make sure that everything you give to your dog is all clean and fresh. Also do not forger o ask your vet which are suitable for your dog. Bones may not be suitable for your dog because of various reasons like some dental problems, problematic jaws or old age.

ask your vet which are suitable for your dog

Some pet meat products such as pet mince or bone products may have some kinds of prezervatives and these can be not very good for your dog’s health. So, I recommend you to use the raw meat at human grade. Human grade meat is all natural and out of any prezervatives. Do not feed your dog with meat which are cooked and then manifactured because they have some prezervatives that are really bad for your dog.

Do not feed your dog more than he or she needs or less than he or she needs. Know how much your dog needs to eat. The food that a dog needs should be adjusted based on how big is your dog, the breed of his or hers, the age of your dog and how active is your dog. As I stated before, pay attention to the amount of food you give to your dog and do not give him or her more than or less than he or she needs. To know how much your dog needs to eat, go to the vet and ask your vet how much your dog needs to eat. The vet will give some good and useful advices to you. If your dog is an adult, twice a day is a good number in terms of feeding. Do not let your have much physical activity at a time close to the meal time, before or after. This will be bad and risky for your dog. Last but not least, always provide your dog with enough fresh water.

always provide your dog with enough fresh water


avoid cooked bones - feed

Meaty bones are one of the best to feed your dog with. Lamb ribs and chicken wings are good types of meaty bones. They are very healthy for your pup, they are good for the teeth and gums of your dog. Do not cook the bones when you will give them to your pup. Also make sure that you do not give too many bones to your dog. More than two uncooked bones will be bad for your dog, so try to go under this number. Keep the size of the bones bigger than the mouth of your dog. This is so important because when the bone is small enough for your dog to get the bone in his or her mouth at once, he or she may try to swallow the whole bone at once. Do not give your dog very big bones such as T-bones, large knuckle bones, marrow bones etc. These kinds of big bones can be too hard for your dog and cause your dog to break its teeth while trying to break the bone. Always watch out your dog while he or she eats bones in case some problems happen. Also avoid cooked bones when you feed your dog because they can cause some kinds of damages such as internal damage as a result of splintering or intestinal obstruction.

Your pup will enjoy eating bones. As a result of this, your pup may try to keep others away from his or her bone while eating. If you have a small children, keep them away from your dog when your dog is eating bones. The result can be very bad if you do not protect your kids.

Different Than These

Some fish is good for them

Different kind animal products such as fish is also good for your pup. However, do not always give fish to your dog. Feeding your dog with fish for a long time will not be good. You can give your dog some kinds of fish but give it to them time to time, not constantly feed them with fish.

Vegetables are also good for your dog. Give your dog some vegetables in small amounts. Make sure you cook them well. You can even add some pasta and rice in your dog’s diet but make sure you do not give much. One vegetable to avoid is cooked onions because they include nutrients that are toxic to your dog. I will give you some more toxic foods to avoid below. If you have a garden or not, give your dog access to some grass. The grass should be clean and out of fertilizers etc. Your pup will sometimes eat grass to get some vegetables. Providing your dog with grass will be good for your dog.

Toxic Foods

these foods are toxic to your dog

There are some foods that are very harmful to your dogs. They are toxic foods. I am going to list some of those foods. You can also write these list to somewhere in order not to make some mistakes when feeding your dogs.

Some of these foods are anything that contains onion or garlic, anything that contains coffeine, chocolate, spoiled foods, grapes, avocado, fruit seeds, mushrooms, bones that are cooked, fatty foods, baking goods, salty foods, peanut butter, and green colored tomatoes.

Avoid these foods and the foods that contains even one of these ingredients. Your dog may get sick because of those foods. If you give your pup some of those foods, you ought to go to the vet and get some help.

To sum up, your dog will choose to eat meat products more but he or she will also enjoy some vegetables, if not too much. Dogs came a long way from an animal which only eats prey animals. They were eating their preys’ bones, organs, meat. After a long, long time, they evolved to animals which are omnivores. Vegetables now have an important place in their diet. Give your dog good quality and well known dog foods and sometimes cook your dog some natural and fresh meals. These foods that you cooked or prepared will give your dog far more quality nutrients than a regular dog food can give. Feed your dog with healthy foods. Also, there are some foods that are very toxic to your dog. They can give serious harm to your dog. I listed them above. Keep them away from your dog’s diet. Be careful when you feed your dog because what your dog eats affect everything. They may both make your dog very weak to the illnesses and they can make your dog very strong to them. A healthy diet will strengthen your dog’s immune system. Also your dog will grow without problems. Feed him or her well and see he or she live a long, healthy life with you. Also, do not forget to adjust the amount of food your dog eats!

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