When should you start the puppy training?

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There are lots of books where you can get essential information about dog training. As it is important to know about the puppy training, so you should know the best age to begin this training. When it comes to the young stage dog brains are similar to the human brains. So you should start your training at the early age of your puppy. So you must know about When should you start teaching your puppy commands?

How do they learn?

How do they learn ?

Like human children, puppy brains are also absorbing things at a fast rate as their brains are still growing so it can absorb information more efficiently. You should watch the way that you implement in puppy training as because puppies are able to absorb information more quickly. If he or she is not listening to the training instructions or not follow the instructions, then some of the owners believe that to beat their pets is good. But actually, some puppy does not like to follow the training instructing as they think that he or she is going to get beat. You actually are creating negative reinforcement.

To get more successful training start your puppy training as soon as possible. To make your pet well- behaved, you can get started with the leash training and obedient commands.

Puppy training is the best way to train your dog

Puppy training is the best way to train your dog

In this, you can know about What is the best way to train a puppy? When a new puppy comes during the first week he needs the basic training. In this period, it is critical to adjust for the puppy in the home. To avoid skin infections, it is important to keep the surrounding clean of the puppy. There are some important items are needed such as a separate bowl for food and water, a crate or soft bed, leash, puppy chow, collar, toys and balls for playing and etc. with the new set up responsibilities the family should be supportive and affectionate with the newly born.

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For the first few weeks, it is essential for their health, so they need a lot of sleep and rest. After gentle playing, it will be better to leave the puppy alone to take rest. With proper instructions, puppies learn everything very fast. By restricting them to get away with anything it is better to implement the training right away. It is also recommended to not to treat your puppy with harsh commands rather give training through playful affectionate and gentle manner.

The Process of How do you teach your puppy to stay?

The Process of How do you teach your puppy to stay

Ask your puppy to sit and then reward it with some treats. After getting the reward it will wait for the next command. Then introduce the new command “stay” to them. Tell your pup to stop by holding your palm out. To show your intentions it is a good way. Take a step backward away from your dog after holding your palm out and repeat “stay”. Practice until they get used to with this command.

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Consistency is essential

Consistency is essential

Maintain the regularity by practicing fifteen minutes daily. You can bond with your dog by practicing several times a day. If you follow the tips with consistent and patiently your dog will be in stay position very soon. DOG TRAINING TUTOR BOOK is all you can a good attempt of us to make you satisfied in the matter of dog keeping.

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