Puppy Potty Training

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Puppy Potty Training

When you adopt a new puppy, or your dog has a new puppy, he or she is out of any kinds of training. You have to start training your new puppy step by step. He or she will make some mistakes. They are very young. They may bark, they may dig, or they may even poop or pee into your house. These kind of consequences are because of the owners, generally. If you do not teach your dog what is right or what is wrong, he or she will do what they consider as right. You have to train your dog.

There are a lot of things to teach your dog. Teaching your dog to come, teaching your dog to sit, teaching your dog not to dig your garden are just three examples. These are generally about obedience training. What I am going to tell about is not like the others. It again needs your dog to obey but it is more like keeping the house clean. It is called potty training.

Training is the best way to solve these problems , Potty Training

Potty training is seen as one of the most complicated kinds of dog training. Many dog owners do not even try to get into potty training. Instead, they leave their dogs outside the house, sadly. Potty training is very important in terms of your relationship with your dog. When you potty train your dog, there will not be such events as your dog’s pooping in your carpet and your getting very angry about him or her. As a consequence, you will probably punish your dog.

Punishing will not be a good solution for these problems. Your dog understands it when you train him or her. Potty train your dog and see the results. If you follow my advices, you will eventually see that these kind of problems will go away. Training is the best way to solve your problems with your dog and you will be got one step further to a long and a joyful life with your new puppy.

      You will be teaching your puppy the places where it is not a problem to poop or pee and the times it is right to do it. This is very important that some dogs get thrown away from their owners’ houses, as I mentioned before. It sometimes gets worse and some people leave their dogs forever. Not many people can bear with dirty floors or dirty furnitures. It gets unbearable after some time cleaning the floor and cleaning or changing the furniture for them.

     I recommend you to have some information about potty training before you will start training your puppy. There are different methods and you should choose which training method will be the best for you. Here are three methods that are experimented before and are really effective. These three methods are:

  • Paper Training
  • Repeated Trips Outdoors
  • Crate Training

According to the professionals, each of these three has both positive sides and negative sides. However, anyone can make use of them fully if you follow some of my tips such as:

  • Exercise your dog regularly
  • Be careful about your dog’s diet
  • Use some reinforcement for your dog to soil outside
  • Do these consistently

     I am going to get in detail of these concepts.

Crates Will Be Useful

A lot of people do not like the idea of putting their dogs into a crate. However, most of them end up using crates after first few days with their new dogs. Crates will help you, actually. Introduce your dog with crates as soon as possible because it will make it easier to get your dog to the vet, to have road trips etc. Also it will make all of these easier in addition to keeping your dog safer. I recommend you to use it when it is needed, not always.

Use it when it is needed

Dog are genetically used to living in closed areas. Your pup will look for a shelter and if you give him or her a shelter, he or she will immediately get inside. Dogs’ these genetical factors will make it easier for you to keep your dog in a crate. To some people, dogs do not deserve to be in a crate but when looked at the investigations, dogs really like it.

You may think that crates and potty training are totally things and there is no logic. I am going to explain the logic behind using crates in order to potty train your puppy. In fact, dogs are really clean animals and they will not like to poop or pee in an area they live. The urine will disturb them and they will not feel good. They are actually cleaner than us, humans and they actually care the cleanness of their living areas more than humans.

To succeed in potty training your dog by using crates, you should choose the right crate size. If it gets too big, your pup may use the corners of the crate to soil. They will not mind doing it because if there is more space than enough, they will see the corners as outside of their living space. The size of the crate should be just enough for your dog to sleep, stand up, and turn to his or her sides or back. A lot of crates gives you the opportunity to adjust the size, so you can adjust the size of the crate according to these recommendations.

choose the right size , Potty Training

Your puppy will make noises such as whining when it is high time for him or her to soil. Your pup will try to tell you that he or she wants to go out of the crate. When you feel that your dog wants to go out of the crate, do not wait a second because your dog may not wait any longer to soil. If he or she loses the control one time, he or she will think that it is normal to soil the living space. Then, it will be even normal for him or her to soil the area you live in. So, when it is time for him or her, get the crate to where it is not a problem to soil, then let your puppy out of the crate.

Paper Training

Professionals indicate that paper training and puppy pads are good tools for potty training. This is because this gives your dog two options. Normally, a trained dog learns to hold himself or herself when he or she is inside the house and soils at somewhere chosen for him or her to soil out of the house. However, sometimes you should think about the situations that are less common such as an owner whose work do not let him or her to go home two- three times a day or a dog which is not tolerable to cold but living in a house which is at a very cold area. The tool, puppy pads, gives the dog the opportunity to freely soil at a place inside the house. When your dog gets more mature than a puppy, you may start to teach your dog he or she is ought to go outdoors to soil.

Stick to the Plan

Working according to a schedule is one of the most important things in house training. Your puppy has a bladder which is not as big as the adult dogs. When your dog is full, the things will easily go out and your puppy will not be able to hold it much. So, you have to take your dog to the soiling spot more than one time.

Your puppy will not be able to hold it much

Your puppy will be able to hold it for hours according to his or her age and maturity. This will change as your dog grows up. For example, a 6 month old puppy will be able to hold it for nearly 6 hours. Also keep in mind that all puppies are genetically different from each other and the time they could hold it may change.

     You ought to watch your dog in order to see what he or she is doing in a day. This is essential to make a plan. If your puppy is too young, you may take your puppy out:

  • After your puppy wakes up, as the first thing
  • Before your puppy goes to sleep, as the last thing
  • After he or she plays
  • When he or she is in the crate for a time
  • After he or she takes a nap
  • After playing with his or her chewing toy
  • After he or she eats or drinks something

     These may seem a lot to you. If you are a working person, you may have to take your pup to the work or you may have to hire a dog walker in order to stick to the plan. When you teach your dog the acceptable unlimited soilking areas outside, these problems will pass. Be quick!

Watch Your Puppy

Watching your dog will be very good to know your dog’s individual. Your pup may have the ability to hold it longer than usual. Your dog may not be able to hold it as much as others, too. Watch your dog in order to have a more specific plan according to how often your dog needs to soil.

Check Your Dog’s Diet

Just like the other systems of your dogs, the digestive system of your dogs is not completely mature. He or she will not be able to hold much food. So, I recommend you not to give your dog a big meal. Instead, have more meal times for your dog. Give the same amount but split it into more than one meal. Also, you should look for some quality food. Look for what your puppy likes to eat, too.

Pay attention to the diet

Sometimes you should look at your puppy’s feces in order to have an idea about how is your puppy’s diet. If you notice that your puppy’s feces is bulky and stinky, get advices from your vet about the diet. Also, be sure that you do not give your puppy more food than it needs because overfeeding your dog may cause health problems that will make your training harder.

Praise Your Dog

When you reprimand your dog when he or she soils your carpet, he or she will think you are a nutter. Some kinds of old punishmens such as making your puppy smell its poop do not make any sense that it is really doubtful that they helped anyone fix the problem. On the contrary, loving and praising your dog when he or she does something good will be the best to fix the problems. Praising will affect everything about your relationship forever. Praise your dog so well that your little puppy feels that he or she did a huge success when he or she soils. Smile at your dog and give him or her treats. Make this simple act seem like it is as huge as splitting an atom to your puppy.

Praise your dog

When your dog makes a little mistake, do not get angry, clean the dirt, instead. Use a good cleaner that so that it also cleans the scent. If you see that your dog is preparing to soil indoors, run and get your dog outside as soon as possible. Again, praise your puppy when he or she does the thing outdoors.

Some Issues

Sometimes problems occur

If you follow these recommendations properly, you will successfully train your dog. However, sometimes problems occur and training fails. Here are the common problems:

  • Your dog may keep soiling an area in which he or she accidentally soiled: This is probably because of the scent coming from that area. Your dog will understand that this area is his or her soiling area after getting the smell. As I told before, you should clean the area well and use a quality cleaner in order to fully clean the area. If you do not care, the remaining scent will cause these kind of problems.
  • It may seem to you that your dog soils too much: This may be wrong. If you are taking your dog outside as soon as you see some early signs, you will take your dog outside even when your dog is not full. So, your dog will not get full if you do that and this will seem to you like your puppy is soiling too much. As I stated before, stick to the plan, do things according to the schedule.
  • Your dog may be soiling his or her crate: This will be because of something before you take him or her, actually. In pet stores or shelters, dogs are forced to stay inside the crates and the puppies can not hold it enough and they soil in their crates. What you can do is to start the training from the beginning. The steps are:
  • Watch your dog and understand how long your puppy is able to hold it when he or she is not in the crate.
  • Stick to the schedule and control the diet
  • Go out often
  • You may hire a dog walker to take your dog when you are working
  • After any accident, clean the area very well.

How Long Will Potty Training Take?

The time training process will take will change according to the age of your puppy, your endavour, your dog’s learning potential etc. From where you took your puppy will also affect the time. If you took your puppy from a breeder who is responsible, your dog will understand the training better. Apart from these, your dog’s training potential also affects the time. Your puppy may both understand the training in a few days and in 4 months. To sum up, the time the training will take depends on you and your puppy.If you do all the necessary things, it will depend on your puppy’s genetics or your puppy’s background. What I want to say is, do not mind the time, be patient and consistent. If you be consistend and patient, the results will eventually come. Just do what is necessary and wait for the results.


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