How to Train Your Dog? Wrong and Correct Ways

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The Real Way to Train Your New Dog

Today, we see a lot of dog owners make complaints like “My dog always barks at people!” or “My dog is not playing with me!”. Moreover, we even hear about a dog killing three people or a dog savaging its owner.

Many people think that these events occur because of the dogs’ naturally wild behaviors. This claims may be true but have you ever thought that these events can be prevented by dog training? Yes, dogs may be instinctively wild but dogs are playful and human-friendly animals, indeed. Training your dog will not only help you suppress your dog’s wild behaviors but it will also uncover your dog’s inner playfulness.

A dog respects people from the time it is born. Dogs are the only creatures that are born with the inner love and respect to the humans. That’s why, even if you do not show sincereness to them, they still embrace you. When you buy a new puppy, it will embrace your scent from the moment it feels that you are the owner of it. It will tend to choose your stuff to sleep on. The scent of yours will comfort your puppy. A dog which is disposed of its mother will accept its owner as its best friend. There will be no reason for them not to be your loyal friend in the event that you help them control their behaviors.

Dog Training is not a New Concept

It has evolved over time. In history, many people used dogs as guards, hunters, etc. Even in ancient times, people trained dogs and became friends with them. The documents about dog training go back to World War II. In war years, dogs were trained for police works. Sometime later, the first dog training camps were established. In those training camps, dogs were used for different purposes such as assisting the blind.How to Train A Dog?

‘Clickers’ and ‘conditioned reinforcers’ first started to be used in the war years. In those times, the training of the dogs became much more available and different types of dogs started to be trained. Also, the behaviors of the dogs’ started to be analyzed and the investigators started trying to understand the mind of the dogs’. In the post-war period, the obedience classes started to be promoted and the TV shows about puppy training came out. Towards the 1980s, positive methods became more common. From the ancient times to the modern times, the training style changed a lot. 

Some Useful Tips and Suggestions About Training Your Dog

Today, many people think puppy training is just about the commands like “sit down, stand up, wait”. Also, generally the old-school minded people, think that dog training is showing “who is the boss” to your dog. However; dog training is absolutely far more complicated and positive than these thoughts. It takes time and effort to train your dog successfully. Puppy training is teaching some commands which are not necessarily inborn to a dog. It does not have to be by forcing the dog; on the contrary, it can be a motivating and a funny process.Training Your Dog

As I stated before, training your dog is a process. It means teaching something to your dog will not be enough for your dog to learn it. You should make your dog do what you have taught more than once. Otherwise, your puppy will forget what it had learned. Another important thing in the training process is motivating your dog. Giving them rewards when they do what you have taught can be the top way of motivating. A type of good reward can be praising them. Like humans, dogs want to be appreciated. Even though it is a great example of a good reward, it can not be enough for your dog.

Similar to you when you want to paycheck even if your boss praises you, dogs also want something concrete. What I mean by ‘something concrete’ is absolutely food. Rewarding your dog instead of forcing it will be the key for you in the training process, as many researchers conclude. One more key that will make your dog training easier and more successful is making the process funnier. Remember when you were in your elementary school maths couırse. You were bored to death because of the traditional education system, right? Dogs can also get bored of being taught of basic concepts.

Just telling them to ‘sit’ will not be funny. After some time, these kinds of terms will bore your dog. Dogs are playful animals, so they will be more motivated when you teach them some tricks. This makes training enjoyable for them. For example, you can teach your dog to ‘rollover’. These kinds of tricks make your dog hungrier to learn something new.

How to Train Your Dog Not to Bark?

In today’s time are many training methods that appeal to different kinds of dogs. To briefly introduce them, I can give you brief information about each. One is the Koehler method the original of which was established more than 50 years ago. Even after 50 years, this method is still taught in classes. This training method supports the philosophy that the dog learns better by its own right to choose what to do or not to do. In this method, you set the dog free to decide what to do, then you reward it or punish it according to its decisions.

By doing this, you will shape the dog’s behaviors and the dog will learn what is right or wrong. Another training method, Motivational Training Method, as it will be understood by its name, is based on motivating and rewarding the dog for its good behavior. However, in this method, the dog’s bad behavior is not punished in order not to demotivate the dog. In the Clicker Method, the owner or trainer uses a metal cricket to point out the wanted behavior. When the dog does what it is wanted to do, the owner or the trainer uses the clicker’s sound to show the dog that it is the wanted behavior.

By doing this, the dog will know what it is wanted to do when it hears the sound. Also, a certain word, a whistle etc. can be used instead of the clicker. One more training method is the Electronic Training Method. This method promotes the use of electronic devices such as electric shock as a warning. The common practice of electronic training is like putting a special collar on the dog which is triggered by a remote controller or triggered by such behaviors as barking or fencing.How to Train Your Dog Not to Bark

This method arises controversy among people, though. Some studies are carried out about whether it is harmful or not. Dominance-based Training another one. It suggests the theory that “dogs are wolves”. Since there is an alpha which rules over the other members of the golf community, this training method promotes the dominance over the dog. However, animal behaviorists assume that this method can make the dog shy and aggressive.

The final one of these common training methods is Relationship-Based Training, which promotes communication and the connection between the dog and its trainer. To this method, the positive relationship between the dog and the trainer will speed up the process of achieving the results. Its basic principles are ensuring the dog’s needs, motivating the dog, interpreting the dog’s body language and treating the dog well. These six training methods are the most widely used ones and each has different approaches. The dog owners or trainers choose what is best to them.

As I stated at the beginning of my writing, we see a lot of incidents that involve dogs in them. People generally accuse dogs but dogs’ behaviors shape according to how their owners treat them. If you train your dog, it will harm nobody and nothing. Also, training your dog will be beneficial for your dog. It will know what is right or wrong and know its territory. Moreover, it will be more socialized in the time it will spend on training. Your dog will trust you and feel safe with you because you will command it. Therefore, most importantly, it will learn that you are the leader of it. There are several more reasons other than these. No barking, biting, whining or even no aggression. As a citizen, it is a responsibility for you to train your dog.

You Can Train Your Dog Yourself!

Dog training camps, training classes or personal trainers etc. do a good job for training. There are many alternatives. However; some of you may not want to consign your dog to someone that you do not fully know. Also, some of you may not want to pay much money to the trainers.

As a result of my investigations about the best alternatives, I have found out that books about training your dog may be helpful to you. My recommendation is the e-book “Dog Training Tutor” written by the experienced dog trainer Kobie Lawson. With its $47 price, this book will give you far more than you expect.How to Potty Train Your Dog to Sit?

It both enables you to train your dog yourself and costs far less than the other alternatives. The book has a friendly approach to your dog. Moreover, with this book, you will have much fun with your dog when you train your dog at the same time. “Dog Training Tutor” will help you communicate better with your dog. Therefore, your dog will be more willing to obey you and the training process will be much easier and funnier.

How to Potty Train Your Dog to Sit?

Here are some of the important secrets that the book will offer to you. For me, the number one secret is the cutting-edge training method that will prevent your dog from being aggressive towards people or other dogs. Also, what I like about the book is that it offers some special and proven tips to prevent each critical unwanted behavior. What I mean by critical unwanted behaviors is barking, digging, anxiety and so on. Furthermore, the book has the keys to teaching your dog hand signals.

All these secrets aside, the book supports them with photos for further explaining. The features that I mentioned are more than enough for you to buy this book but still, it has a lot more cutting-edge features. As a dog lover and a promoter for dog training, I really think that this book will support dog training. Many people will easily benefit from this book. If you already think this book is excellent for training your dog on your own, Kobie Lawson has some surprises for us, dog lovers. When you buy the e-book, you will get three bonuses.

First of these bonuses is $47 valued “Instinct Vs Man” multimedia package. This 35-minute audio-visual presentation will help you have a better understanding of your dog. Absolutely, it has much, much more than that. The second bonus is $27 valued book “Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Pooch”. This book includes crucial tips and pieces of information about your dog’s health. I had a look at this bonus and believe me it is a life-saver.

The third bonus is $27 valued book “How to Spoil Your Dog”. It includes over 100 different ways of rewarding and spoiling your dog. The package including these three bonuses and the original book is just $47 and it gives you 60-day instant money back guarantee. I strongly recommend you to take a look at further information about this book and the reader comments at…

To sum up, we, humans have trained different kinds of dogs since ancient times. Even if there are several bad incidents that dogs are involved in, it is not fully the fault of the dogs. If we train them properly, we can communicate with dogs far better. Training your dog is almost as important as feeding it.Dog Training and Dog Training Tips

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