Best tips on how to start training your dog

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One of the main questions arises in one’s mind whenever that person gets a dog for the first time is How do you train your dog? Without proper training, there is a chance that a new dog becomes a problem to its owner as well as the family in which it belongs to. There are numerous books, videos lots of other mediums which can help a new pet owner in learning the dog’s proper behavior.

Dog training tips

Dog training tips

There will be lots of problems arise between the dog and the family if there is no permanent so -called leader or boss of the dog. So, first of all, set the new leader who can train the dog. Try to incorporate the same commands in other activities so that they get familiar with the commands. It can also be quite beneficial for the owner. Every member of the family should follow the consistency and regularity whenever they take them out for a walk or feed them. We have tried to give details guidance through our DOG TRAINING TUTOR BOOK which can be your best buy if you love to keep dog.

Important to know about how to not to train your dogs

Important to know about how to not to train your dogs

To learn more effective methods for training your dog it is better to know the don’ts of dog’s training so that you can avoid them.

There are some owners who actually don’t even want to spend any extra time, effort, or money on their pet. But for a good bonding with the dog, it is very important to give them time.

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It is although frustrating to repeat the same training again and again. It is discouraging also. Some dogs have stubborn nature so it will be totally depended upon the owner to make the bonding stronger.

Don’t delay to reward your dog after it obeys your commands, otherwise, the dog will not associate with behavior that you really want on them.

Don’t punish or misbehave with your dog’s just because you are frustrated. It is essential to show your patience towards your pet.

Never ever use physical punishment on your dog while training. It will only make your dog afraid of you.

Some steps- how do you train a dog to sit?

Some steps- how do you train a dog to sit

The steps are as follows:

Fill up your pocket with treats.

Take your dog to a peaceful area.

Put your treat in your hand and move it within an inch distance of your dog’s nose.

Whenever the dog watches your hand, move your hand slowly backward. Then keep your hand just low above its head so to get the treatment it does not have to leap up.

Just give her the treat and encourage her by saying good whenever it goes to the sitting position.

Now it is the time to move a few steps away. Your dog will then stand up and follow you.

Repeat the last three steps.

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Make training a Pitbull quick and easy

Make training a Pitbull quick and easy

It is important to know of How do I train my pitbull puppy to sit? To train a pitbull right you should be aware of some secrets. They are as follows:

You must avoid any kind of conflict with your pitbull. You should not be aggressive to it though they are aggressive to you.

Set regular feeding schedule and don’t disturb the feeding times.

Train your dog to ask to sit on your lap by the sit command. Don’t feel irritated when a dog jumped on the couch. When your dog does something right you should praise him.

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