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Treasure trove to teach your dog to behave

Treasure trove to teach your dog to behave

A dog is considered as a man’s best friend. People might betray you but a dog would not; and who would know it better than a dog lover and a dog owner. So keeping your dog’s well-being should be one of your top most priorities. So here comes our very first book on dog training Dog Obedience Training, so that you little four legged one turns out to be the cutest and the most obedient in front of everyone. Our book comes with a 60-day instant money back guarantee, that if your troublesome little dog does not improve their behavior with the training manual, you would be instantly refunded your money. So come and give it a try and as the author promises, your dog would live a longer and happier life.

Following are the few basic training tips that Lawson provides:

How to train a dog to sit?

How to train a dog to sit

Training any animal requires a huge amount of patience and a great lot of love for the creature. So only when one is dedicated to provide that amount of care and concern and time for their pet they should opt to buy one. Training a dog to sit is easy. First, you need to make the dog feel loved and take them into your confidence, so that they believe you. It is your voice that would reach its ear as the command, so it needs to be pleasant as well as equally authoritative. Only when you do this your dog would obey your command and love you as well.

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 How to teach your puppy to stay?

How to teach your puppy to stay-

To hold the attention of a young pup is difficult. But Lawson in his book provides ample evidence that it is not impossible to teach your puppy to stay. Running around in your lawn, chasing butterflies is what the pups are meant to do. So let them follow their desire. Once they develop their ability to understand commands they should be started with the basic sitting standing commands.

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What is the best way to train a puppy?

The best option to train a pup is to start with compassion. Hitting, yelling at or scolding your dog is not the option. Punishing the dog would make him aggressive from the start and create problems from the owner in the future. What is the best way to train a puppy? It is to start with love and kindness. If you treat them with kindness only then they would develop the confidence and love you more in leaps and bounds, as Lawson claims.

What is the best way to train a puppy-

So if you want your pup to turn out to be the best do not waste any more time and grab a copy of Free dog obedience video course , as soon as possible and reward your four legged friend with the best treatment and experience that they deserve.  Lawson provides you also with the scheme of trial test where you can avail the part of the whole program for a week by just paying $1. Hurry and grab your share of paw-love!